Sumino Kenei
Kenei sumino 23428

Birth Date:


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Member of the Itto-ryu (former)

Death Toll:


Sumino Kenei A minor femenist Ittō-ryū member who carried the ideal that a man should never hit a woman, which ultimately led to his downfall.



First introduced when Shinriji, and Hyakurin where pretending to be a married couple in order to trick any itto-ryu passerby's. Shinriji was pretending to beat Hyakurin for cheating on him, and Sumino stepped in and easily beat up Shinriji. Later Hyakurin treats him to some poisoned food and sake as payment for helping her out. Sumino kindly asks her to sample the sake first, suspecting a small possibility of posioning, and she complies. After a short talk about Hyakurin's husband the posion starts to kick in and Kenei is wondering why it affected him, but not Hyakurin who drank from the same bottle as him. Hyakurin tells him that the poison is not lethal unless taken in large quantities, and as he tries to get up to kill her, he is shot in the eye with one of Hyakurin's poisonous arrows.


Kenei carried around an impressive arsenal of six tantō and a single katana.


Not much is seen of Kenei's abilities as he is poisoned, and not killed in a one on one battle, but it is shown that even after taking a couple of Hyakurin's poisonous arrows he is still able to stand.

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