Shido Hishiyasu (菱安 司戸)
Shido Hashiyasu talking to Manji.

Birth date:


Death date:







Deputy head of Shinsen-gumi (?-1782)

Death toll:

N/A (Only known victim is Machi)


"The name's Shido... Shido Hishiyasu! Deputy head of the Shinsen-gumi, the world's baddest ronin gang."

"ENOUGH WITH THE BULLSHIT, MAN!! Don't gimme this "Barehanded" crap, eh?! You're a goddamn SAMURAI! You do that, where does it leave me, eh?! I got twenty guys together to fight the one of you!"

"Heaven above, hell below!"

"WAAAH! Son of a bitch!! What the hell ARE you, man?! Some kinda freakin' ZOMBIE?!"


Shido ("The Four Paths")

Known victims:


Shido Hishiyasu (Jpn. - 菱安 司戸 - "Hishiyasu Shido") is a very minor character in the manga series Blade of the Immortal , appearing only once, in the very first issue. He is the brother of fake priest and bounty hunter "Johnny" Gyobutsu.

Relationships to other charactersEdit

His only known relative is his brother, "Johnny" Gyobutsū. He is the deputy leader of the Shinsen-gumi, though every gang member that appears in the first issue dies soon after he does.

Shido as seen in the Anime adaptation.

Weapons and fighting skillEdit

Shido wields a pair of unusual jitte-like blades that share his name("Shido"). They are seen attached to each other via a long chain.

Though he only uses his blades once in the manga, and for a very short time, he shows good movement and good aiming skill(like his brother) as he is able to literally cut Machi into manji-shaped pieces while she is running.


  • He and "Johnny" Gyobutsu share a similar tattoo under the right eye. Shido's, however, features an extra triangle on it.
  • Shido Hishiyasu is an almost literal romanization of "Sid Vicious," the bassist for the band Sex Pistols. Both he and his brother's names are homages to the band.
  • His pronged blades, "Shido," are taken by Manji. Manji uses them very often throughout the series.

List of appearances:Edit


  • Volume/Tankobon 1 only


  • Issue #1 only


  • Episode #1 only


  • Special character spread with the Swastika Manji carved into his head at the end of Tankobon 24

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