Episodes of the anime adaptation of Blade of the Immortal first premiered in July of 2008. The first episode aired on July 13th 2008, on AT-X Channel.

Story and structureEdit

Differences between the Manga and the AnimeEdit


The Anime has two main themes; the opening theme is "Akai Usagi(Jpn. - 赤いウサギ - "Red Rabbit")" by Makura no Soushi(Jpn. - 枕草子 - "The Pillow Book") while the ending theme is "Wants" by GRAPEVINE. An OST(Official Soundtrack) had already been released on July 16th, 2008. It includes every track heard in the show with the exception of "Wants."

Official Soundtrack track listing:Edit

  1. Shogyou Aritsune
  2. Akai Usagi
  3. Zainin Makari Tooru
  4. Rin
  5. Tabiji
  6. Hada E
  7. Rengoku
  8. Happyaku Yachou
  9. Haritsuu
  10. Douku to Zoufu
  11. Kuruwa Aishuu
  12. Shin Teki Gaishouu - Bigaku
  13. Taigi
  14. Kuruizaki Yuukaku Road
  15. Kimi wa Pankey Monkey BABY!
  16. Kyuuten
  17. Sanzu no Kaze
  18. Chi Sen Mushi
  19. Taiji
  20. Kamisori Snake
  21. Haisou
  22. Zansatsu Delete
  23. Me to Kuchibashi
  24. Mugen Shitou
  25. Yoake

List of EpisodesEdit

# Title Summary Original air date


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